Digital Me assists organisations with improving their customer relations by making these more safe, reliable and cheaper and advises them how to comply with GDPR.

Data protection and privacy

Digital Me has many years of experience in the field of Personal Data and Privacy. We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals to help organisations to develop the next groundbreaking step. Thereby we focus on the individual.

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Long arm of the "Right of Transferability of Data”

Under the European general data protection regulation (GDPR), an organisation is accountable when it processes personal data. This accountability remains in place when transferring this data from one controller to another. This can lead to joint and several liabilities of each controller in the chain. However, there is a solution that prevents this.

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As of May 2018, your customers have the right to collect their personal data from you and transfer that data to another party (data portability). Various studies indicate that an overwhelming majority intends to do so. Additionally, you will now have a responsibility for processing personal data. All of this leads to an undesired chain of responsibilities. Digital Me has written a paper on how to tackle this.