Qiy Trust Network is a scalable privacy and security by design infrastructure, offering its users control over their data.

Qiy Trust Network

The Qiy Trust Principles are the foundation of a powerful infrastructure, connecting people through a secure network of Qiy Nodes offering security and privacy by design.

The Qiy Trust Network offers people the possibility to use their data coming from different sources and share it with trusted people and organisations.

In essence, data in the network flows as follows: an individual subscribes to a service of an organisation that is connected to the Qiy Trust Network. This so called Relying Party asks the individual for the data it needs to provide the service. The individual retrieves the data from an organisation that can provide the data in its role as Data Provider. The individual provides the data to the Relying Party.

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GDPR Proof

Within the Qiy Trust Network data is transferred to the Relying Party by choice of the individual. This breaks the chain of responsibility for the Data Provider; the responsibility for correct processing of the data does not extend to any processing that takes place after the handover to the individual.

This mechanism makes it possible for organisations to subscribe to validated data of an individual, coming from a trusted source. Data transfer within the Qiy Trust Network is fully in line with GDPR.

Qiy Trust Principles
Qiy on GitHub: Architectural Description

Scheme based instead of API based

In today's Internet practice, API's play a key role as the 'digital' glue between relying parties and data providers. But there is a many to many problem: all relying parties want to connect with all data providers. With the result that everyone has to connect with everyone…

This leads to expensive and organizationally complex 'spaghetti-network':

In addition, there are problems in the field of scalability, data protection, privacy, data retrieval (and revoking) permissions, and the individual is out of control.

A spaghetti network


The solution

The solution is a safe, scalable and neutral intermediate layer. Not a platform, where one party determines the rules of the game (winner takes all principle), nor a safe, which is an attractive target for hackers and where data is gathering dust.

A Trust Network is an infrastructure based on a scheme, with the associated technical, legal and administrative rules. Qiy Access Providers offer the infrastructure to both sides of the market.

DigitalMe has obtained a license to operate from the Qiy Foundation. This means DigitalMe complies with the strict rules of the Qiy Scheme.

A trust network

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