This step-by-step plan helps your organisation to connect to the Qiy Trust Network, the safe and reliable privacy-friendly infrastructure that puts people first.


Step 1

Introduction to the Qiy Trust Network

Understanding the architectural principles of the Qiy Trust Network. DigitalMe offers free of charge monthly introduction sessions at our office or you can choose for a half day session at your site for a fixed fee of € 1.500, excluding travel expenses and VAT. If desired we can assist you to get started, based on our rates per hour.

Step 2

Inventory of relevant data and source systems

We help you to take inventory within your organisation which data are relevant to make available to people. Which source systems must be unlocked in a secure way? Determine which (messaging) standards you use. Assistance is based on our rates per hour.

Step 3

Data structure

Do you use a standard that defines the semantics and structure of data when exchanging with other organisations in your chain? Make an overview of the data structure used by your organisation. If required, we can help you with this.

Step 4

Realisation link to Qiy Trust Network

If you use an API gateway that controls all inbound and outbound data traffic, connection to the Qiy Trust Network is easy in most cases. DigitalMe and her partners have standard solutions available for a number of gateways. We can help you with the technical connection.

Step 5

Connection agreement

On request the model of the connection agreement — as used by DigitalMe — is available. This connection agreement is in line with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Use Case

Someone uses an app that is connected to the Qiy Trust Network. The app needs data about the user that your organisation can provide. You don’t want to connect to every app, you want one solution to fit all. That’s why you connect to the Qiy network. But it has to be easy and secure and you have to be sure that data you provide is really data about this one person.

Your organisation authenticates the user that requests his data in your own way. This creates a permanent link. Next time this person uses the link he has your (actual) data at his disposal for use in the connected app.

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Annual Network Fee

For the annual use of the Qiy Trust Network a fee is due, based on a fair use policy. The starting point for the annual network contribution is the annual turnover for companies and the budget for non-profit organisations:

Turnover / Budget Annual network fee (ex 21% VAT)
< 10 million € 4.500
10 — 100 million € 8.000
101 — 500 million € 12.000
501 — 1.000 million € 16.000
> 1 billion € 20.000
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