DigitalMe offers Sovrin based services

DigitalMe is hosting the Sovrin Network and can help you make use of the Sovrin Distributed Ledger. DigitalMe offers tools to onboard your customers more seamlessly, and make trust a key value proposition.

The combination of Qiy Trust Network (streaming data) and Sovrin Distributed Ledger (blockchain) brings trust in the relation between individuals and organisations in a secure and fast way.

Sovrin Distributed Ledger (Blockchain)

Distributed ledgers introduce a revolutionary new capability: non-trusting entities can securely share and trust a database outside their firewalls, without any intermediary or central authority. Distributed ledgers are immutable, irrefutable, and highly hack-resistant. Since each “node” of a distributed ledger has an identical copy of the ledger, not a single comma can be changed anywhere without being noticed, invalidated, and rejected by the network. Distributed ledgers separate data, duplicate it thousands of times, and synchronize each copy across a global network that no single entity controls.

Sovrin on Github

Sovrin Foundation

The non profit Sovrin Foundation exists to provide the human governance and trust frameworks that will be needed to establish ground rules and ensure the integrity of the network. To be effective at this task, the Sovrin Foundation has been designed to establish trust through transparency, diffusion, and neutrality.

The Sovrin network is public: everyone can get a Sovrin identity. Individuals and organizations own and control their identities. The Sovrin network is permissioned: the infrastructure for ensuring consensus on identity transactions is provided by carefully vetted and permissioned stewards who independently own and operate their nodes on the network. 

Sovrin Foundation
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