Digital Me

People lack control over their data. This is negatively affecting efficiency, costs and customer relations.

Digital Me believes people should be able to control their data in an easy and secure way as a starting point for relevant 1-on-1 relations

Digital Me is the licensed Issuer of Qiy Nodes and is service provider of the scalable, secure infrastructure of the Qiy Trust Framework.

Digital Me developed Dappre, a native IOS and Android app that makes use of the Qiy Trust Framework. Dappre helps people and organisations to connect in a trustworthy way and exchange peer-to-peer encrypted data and messages.

Digital Me is also Founding Steward of the Sovrin Foundation and running a Validator Node as part of the Distributed Ledger of Sovrin. The Sovrin Foundation is an international non-profit, founded with the mission of giving everyone an autonomous identity, or 'self-sovereign identity' based on Blockchain technology. Sovrin is involved in the Hyperledger Indy project of the Linux Foundation. Because of Sovrin's affiliation with the Linux Foundation, its open source character is safeguarded.

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